Skype Lessons

Skype Lessons.

I have already written about the method Michael uses to teach
Dutch on Skype

The Skype lessons are normally one-on-one. This is the best for the student but if a student cannot afford the one-on-one lessons Michael can also teach two students at the same time, in

that case both students pay 95 euro for 10 lessons.

For ambitious students who are sure they will need many lessons, and

want to secure the low price: there are discounts for people who order more lessons at the same time:

1 lesson for 21 euro 

10 lessons for 190 euro – you save 20 euro

20 lessons for 360 euro – you save 60 euro

30 lessons for 525 euro – you save 105 euro 

40 lessons for 680 euro – you save 160 euro

 Note: If you want to pay in another way, that is fine with me, contact me for information 

Order now! 10 lessons of 1 hour on Skype for 190 euro, and FREE Word and mp3 files with the content of the lesson sent to you after the class:


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