How I teach Dutch and why this works so well.

In short, I simply have a spontaneous, natural conversation with

the student, about matters that interest him or her, and

I share my screen and type what I say and what the student says

at the same time, … This makes a HUGE difference because

it is much easier to understand someone when you can read what he says

Normally it may be hard for the student to have a normal conversation

with the teacher but the way I do it, it is often doable. Of course I explain

everything that the student does not understand, translate it if necessary,

and this way the student learn very fast. Often I type around 2000 words in one

lesson, that is many more than studentshear and learn with regular teaching 


After the lesson the student will get the Word file with the complete text of what 

has been typed during the lesson, and also the mp3 audio recording of that text!

Now if the student studies this material daily, he or she will make excellent 

progress. And you do not learn “book language” but complete natural 

conversation, which is much more useful.

Order now! 10 lessons of 1 hour on Skype for 190 euro, and FREE Word and mp3 files with the content of the lesson sent to you after the class:


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