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Michael’s one-on-one Skype lessons may be the best way to go about learning Dutch, but Michael also offers an email course.

Sometimes Michael’s one-on=one Skype lesson are not an option for students, this can be because of the price (even though some other teachers ask almost double his price per hour), or lack of time or not having a fast and stable internet connection.

In these cases Michael’s email course maybe an excellent option. For only 25 euro the student will receive 50 emails plus email support, and all 50 emails will contain:

  1.      A short story, told in the form of a dialogue, written by Michael

2.      The translation of this story, told in the form of a dialogue, into English

3.      The audio recording in mp3 format, so the students can listen and read the story at the same time

4.      Sometimes additional notes will be sent.

5.      In the first email the students get an extensive manual of how to use the stories, how to study them. These instructions will also be very useful for studying other study material. One key aspect of these instructions is that the material has to be studied in phases, every phase on a deeper level.

What can be said about the content of the stories in dialogue form?


The content of the stories is often times a bit unusual or even strange, to arouse curiosity. The stories are optimistic of tone, and take place in a world of endless possibilities. They reflect the optimistic outlook on life of the author. Other lessons contain dialogues of people who meet each other for the first time. These are invented, natural sounding dialogues.

The importance of stories.

People LOVE stories. In fact often people make up stories, connecting unrelated news events into a story. Stories is how people remember things. Stories is how people understand the world. That is why it is so effective to use stories in language learning. To add even more to its effectiveness, people like unusual or even flat out strange or sensational stories even more. That is part of the reason of why Michael wrote mostly a bit unusual stories. Many of his stories also contain a life lesson, always optimistic of nature.

Free trial lesson?

If you are interested in buying the email course, but are not sure yet, you can Contact Michael

and ask for a free sample lesson. When people buy the email course after having received the sample lesson, there will be no refund.

Order now! 50 emails, all with story / dialogue, translation and mp3 file, for only 25 euro:


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