Dutch Summer School in Bulgaria

Learn Dutch at 1 kilometer of the Black Sea coast and with private pool and sauna?!

Yes I know it sounds strange, learn Dutch in Bulgaria, why there? Well, it is not as strange as it may seem because:

  • Dutch teacher Michael owns a guesthouse there with private pool and sauna
  • There are lots of people in Eastern Europe who want to learn Dutch
  • There are tickets for 49 euro from Eindhoven, the Netherlands to Varna, Bulgaria, half an hour drive to Michael’s house
  • Bulgaria is so much cheaper than the Netherlands, so this makes it possible to offer an all inclusive summer school for only 300 euro per week (food, lessons, lodging included)
  • You cannot study 16 hours per day, so what is better to be able to go to the beach too, or to take a dive in my private swimming pool or use my sauna?
  • Maximum amount of students: 15, so write me quickly if you are interested

Yes I know, this summer school in Bulgaria thing depends on the latest developments in relation to the Corona crises, that is why I do not have the exact dates set yet, but I am hoping for July / august 2020; That is why you cannot pay for it yet, but you can Contact me with your name, maybe a bit about your level and how badly you want to learn Dutch and when would be the best time for you.

Of course I will use my own “revolutionary” new  method during the summer school!

But we will also use other methods, such as:

  1. Listening to popular songs with Dutch lyrics
  2. Watching Dutch videos or movies
  3. Watching Dutch tv
  4. Playing games using the Dutch language
  5. There will me skype calls from Dutch friends of mine

Pretty much 12 hours per day you can ask me how to say things in Dutcquickl

Order now! 10 lessons of 1 hour on Skype for 190 euro, and FREE Word and mp3 files with the content of the lesson sent to you after the class:


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