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Michael's "revolutionary" new method will help you to learn Dutch faster and in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Based on natural conversation

Grammar only when necessary

Method widely tested and proven to work

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News Media that published about my teaching method

My own "revolutionary"method

How I teach Dutch and why this works so well.

In short, I simply have a spontaneous, natural conversation with the student, about matters that interest him or her, and I share my screen and type what I say and what the student says at the same time, … This makes a huge  …….

My Teaching in practice

a sample of a real conversation during one of my lessons.

It is one thing to explain how I work but how about if
I show you a sample of a real conversation I had with one of
my students? He comes from Indonesia and lives in the Netherlands now. I asked him what he likes better in the Netherlands ……

Should expats in the Netherlands learn Dutch?

Expats in the Netherlands

Should they learn (fluent) Dutch?

There are around 75000 expats who work in the Netherlands. Expats are defined as people who work in a country that is not the country where they were born and grew up, and earn a high salary in their industry. The question “Should expats in the Netherlands learn Dutch?” is a valid one.

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Testimonial and explanatory videos

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Marina on taking lessons with me on Skype

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Funny guy on learning Dutch,

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The next video outlines the advantages of taking lessons with me

Dive fearless in the world of Dutch
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Dive fearlessly in the world of learning Dutch!

Learn Dutch with stories
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Learn Dutch with short stories, this story was written by myself

UBC news about Michaels new Method to Learn Dutch
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UBC News about Michaels new method to teach Dutch!

What Others Say About Michael and His Lessons

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