Why learn Dutch with Michael on Skype? Because ...
  • he is an experienced, enthusiastic teacher
  • his methods are fun and very practical
  • he gives you 10 hours of class for only 190 euro
  • he gives you a free trial class of half an hour!
  • he is well read, travelled and a great conversationalist!
  • Skype id: miguelholandes40 Email: dmsmissaert @ gmail . com
  • Free half an hour  trial class Dutch on Skype!

    Connect to me on Skype: miguelholandes40 or send me an email to dmsmissaert at gmail dot com

    email me: dmsmissaert @ gmail . com

    Click on the images to play the videos on Youtube:

    Marina on taking lessons with me on Skype:


    Funny guy on learning Dutch, the peculiarities of the Dutch language and in the end on me as a teacher of the Dutch language:


    The next video outlines the advantages of taking lessons with me:


    This last video uses a dialogue I wrote myself which I used succesfully in my classes on Skype:

    Jolanda_houdt_van _eten
    • Do you want to learn Dutch?
    • Do you think it is hard to learn a foreign language?
    • Do you think Dutch is a particularly hard language to learn?
    • Do you see the task as a high mountain to climb?
    • Do you think that learning a language is mostly learning vocabulary and difficult grammar rules by heart, which you find boring and challenging?
    • Do you think the way to learn Dutch is to go to expensive language schools far from your home, and it will take years to achieve the intermediate level?
    Well, if your answer is yes to any of these questions, join the crowd!

    You are not alone!

    But ... in fact, things are not so

    grim at all!

    Click HERE to read why!

    Or ...read about my own very

    effective and fun method:

    In short, I simply have a spontaneous, natural conversation with

    the student, about matters that interest him or her, and

    I share my screen and type what I say and what the student says

    at the same time, ... This makes a HUGE difference because

    it is much easier to understand someone when you can read what he says

    Normally it may be hard for the student to have a normal conversation

    with the teacher but the way I do it, it is often doable. Of course I explain

    everything that the student does not understand, translate it if necessary,

    and this way the student learn very fast. Often I type around 2000 words in one

    lesson, that is many more than students

    hear and learn with regular teaching methods.

    After the lesson the student will get the Word file with the complete text of what has been typed during the lesson.

    and also the mp3 audio recording of that text!

    Now if the student studies this material daily,

    he or she will make excellent progress. And you do not learn "book language"

    but complete natural conversation, which is much more useful.

    Order now! 10 lessons of 1 hour on Skype for 190 euro, and FREE Word and mp3 files with the content of the lesson sent to you after the class:

    Teaser video, click on the picture to play it in Youtube: Jump and go for it!

    Go for it, learn Dutch with Michael on Skype

    Why wait any longer? Order now! 10 lessons of 1 hour on Skype for 190 euro, and FREE Word and mp3 files with the content of the lesson sent to you after the class:

    Or, alternatively, see if you can talk or chat to me right away on Skype: add me on Skype, my Skype-id is miguelholandes40